Camp Tonkawa
Outdoor Learning Center, Inc

Welcome to Camp Tonkawa

Our camp is founded on the concept of helping people rediscover their connection to the earth. We are all connected to nature, and at Camp Tonkawa, we help you to nurture that connection.

  • Feel your connection to all living things.
  • Sense the spirit of the wilderness.
  • Know that you are related to the earth on a practical and a spiritual level.

Our goal is for everyone to be as knowledgeable of the natural world as the Native Americans, who love, honor, and respect our planet earth...Mother Nature. Through this we are going to help our planet.

We believe and teach from the perspective that nature is our teacher. By learning from the earth, people become truly alive, glowing with happiness, full of confidence and joy.

All our campers learn by participating in fun activities.

When a person moves away from nature, the heart becomes hard - Lakota proverb

Listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you. - Huron proverb

We invite you all to come on out to Camp Tonkawa

  • Unplug from a hectic lifestyle.
  • Experience timelessness.
  • Become confident by learning life skills.
  • Meet like-minded people who support a peaceful life choice.
  • Feel at peace and comfortable in the wilderness.

A day at Camp Tonkawa is a life-changing experience.


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"Thank you so much for our Native American experience.  The girls had a wonderful time.  I don’t think they will ever forget that experience.  Thank you to everyone for their stories, genuine love of people and nature" - Sharon Y., Girl Scout Troop Leader, Frisco 


There's lots to explore...


Track animals

 Eat edible plants

See wildlife

Be a turkey vulture

Identify trees

Follow butterflies

Dig your roots into the earth

Lie in a field of flowers

Examine skulls and bones


At Camp Tonkawa, experienced instructors are waiting to help campers of all ages and ability levels develop a closer relationship with nature. A range of Primitive Survival Skills classes, modeled on lessons learned from Tom Brown Jr. at his Tracking, Nature, Wilderness Survival School, are available. We also incorporate Jon Young’s Nature teachings from the Wilderness Awareness School into all of our overnight camps, including Kamana Studies. While spending time with us, Boy Scouts can earn Wilderness Survival and Horsemanship badges and working toward their Indian Lore, Fishing, Reptile, Birds, and many other nature-oriented merit badges. Girl Scouts can complete any of the "It’s Your Planet--Love It!" Journeys, along with various badges. For scouts and many other groups, our Native American Indian Camp is one of the most fun to participate in: archery, crafts, games, authentic native cooking, fire building skills--even sleeping in a tipi--are all part of a wonderful weekend that campers are sure to talk about for years to come! Camp Tonkawa also provides campers who especially love working with horses a range of unique opportunities, including but not limited to joining our Horse Club and volunteering to help with our many horse programs.  Don’t forget to check out our Summer Camps--they can help provide essential aspects of your child’s human development and connection to our earth. Browse through our site, and come join us soon.